Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

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STILLWATER | Inflatable Kayak + iSUP Crossover

Part Kayak. Part SUP. All Fun.

Is it a kayak? Or an iSUP? It’s whatever you need it to be. Whether you sit or stand, this cross-over inflatable is ready for whatever adventure you choose. Lightweight MSL drop-stitch construction and a touring profile give STILLWATER the perfect balance between practicality and performance.


Every purchase includes:

(1) STILLWATER Inflatable Kayak/iSUP
(1) High-Pressure Hand Pump (fill-time approx. 8 min.)
(1) Storage Bag (backpack straps and roller wheels)
(1) Detachable Seat (with adjustable back straps)
(1) Aluminum Paddle (incl. kayak extension)
(1) 10” Plastic Fin (incl. extra hardware)
(1) Repair Kit (just in case)


Inflated Dimensions:

12' 6" x 34" x 6” thick

~32 lbs.


2-in-1 design.

The best of both worlds. Sit or stand, this lightweight inflatable hybrid is ready for whatever kind of adventure you’re feeling.

Lightweight MSL construction.

Premium construction is all we do. MSL combined with a knit drop-stitch core keeps STILLWATER lightweight, yet, incredibly rigid and durable.

Extra stability.

While standing, the seat cavity in STILLWATER lowers your center of gravity towards the water, making balancing easier and giving your more stability on your paddle.