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Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

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B-Stock | ALPHA Skim-Style Wakesurfer | MISSION Wakesurf Boards


Luxury meets performance.

ALPHA performs for both aspiring surfers and those who have arrived at the next level. Your first 360, big air, or massive slash is waiting and ALPHA will hang with you while you level up. Smooth riding with no limits, ALPHA continues to impress year after year.

Features & Specs

  • Perfect for surfers at every skill level
  • Single fin setup. Comes with one 1"x7” fin and one 2"x7” fin, so you can dial in your riding style
  • Unique rail setup for more traction at the nose, more control at the tail


  • Carbon fiber top deck and rails, glass bottom

Sizing Chart

Your guide to the ALPHA wakesurf board sizing by rider size, desired wave size, and skill level. VIEW CHART >

What does a "B-stock board" mean?

Our B-stock boards have factory blemishes that keep them from meeting our high-standards. While a B-stock blemish is a bummer, it doesn’t affect the boards performance in the water, or how it surfs. For that reason, many customers view the extra savings as a welcomed win.

Here are some examples of b-stock blemishes:    

  1. Scuffs
  2. Lamination or visual distortions
  3. Surface blemishes
  4. Over sanding
  5. Loose traction pad
  6. Inconsistent cuts
  7. Graphic imperfections
  8. Sanding inconsistencies
  9. Inconsistent glue/cuts
  10. Paint blemish
  11. Mis-cut
  12. Traction pad scuffs