Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

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KILO :: Naked Hybrid

Don't look now, but KILO's naked.

It’s freeing. It’s intimate. It’s... get your head out of the gutter. We’re talking about that feeling of the wave running beneath your feet that you only get sans trackpad. Without the weight of a pad, KILO feels light and quick in the water. This hybrid skim/surfer belongs in your board quiver as a wax option. An instant favorite of the early-morning office surf club – and did you see that price point? You basically can’t afford not to buy it.


  • Compression-molded glass
  • No trackpad (surf wax included)
  • Three board sizes: 48", 52", 56"

Fin Setup

Tri-fin setup

  • One 2" x 5" center fin
  • Two 1” x 5" side-biters

Surf / Skim Hybrid

Comes in three board sizes: 48", 52", 56"

Tri-fin Setup

One 2" x 5" center fin with two 1” x 5" side-biters


No tackpad. Comes with surf wax.

Feel it.

Without the foam, it's going to feel different. Good different. You're basically dialing up the feedback between your feet and the water beneath.

Fast and nimble.

The reduced weight of KILO makes the board feel quick and agile in the water. More pop. More fun.  

Grip it, slip it.

Carve hard and know it's going to hold. But not too grippy so you can still throw it sideways or spin it. KILO has the perfect grip:slip ratio.