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Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

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ECHO | Wedge Wake Shaper


ECHO is the newest addition to the MISSION Family. ECHO is a no-nonsense wake shaper that features drop-the-handle wave performance similar to solid panel wedge-style wake shapers. Its compact footprint fits in smaller spaces than other wedge-style shapers while delivering the wave performance you need at the price you want.

ECHO wakeshaper features:

    • Made with cross-linked, closed-cell foam (just like our SENTRY Fenders)
    • Easily attaches to your boat with our proprietary HyLoft™ suction cups
    • Switch sides in seconds for regular or goofy wakesurfers
    • One-year warranty
    • Patent-pending & proudly made in the USA


    ECHO Boat Selector Guide

    Scroll down to use our interactive fit guide tool, identify which wake shaper, the DELTA 2.0, or the ECHO would be compatible with your boat model, fit considerations, ballast set-up recommendations, and suggested hull mounting locations.


    For casual surfers or newbies just dipping their toes into the world of wakesurfing, the costs of boards, wakeshapers, ballasts, and ropes add up in a hurry – and can feel pretty overwhelming. We created ECHO to offer a more affordable, more effective alternative to other wedge-style wakeshapers on the market

    WAKE SHAPER FIT GUIDE :: Will the ECHO wake shaper fit my boat?

    Use our interactive fit guide to determine if the ECHO wake shaper will fit your boat type and hull design. Select your boat manufacturer, model, and year, and our fit guide tool will provide wake shaper compatibility, fit considerations, ballast set-up, and preferred mounting location for your boat.



    Fit Notes

    Ballast Set-up