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Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

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MISSION | Fender Lines | Ropes (2-Pack)

Classic Black
Silver Fox
Red Rocks
Real Teal
Hello Yellow

Premium fender lines, designed to last.

As boaters ourselves, we've thoughtfully designed and constructed our fender lines to be exactly what you need out there – then we gave them a splash of style with fresh new color and patterns that better match the aesthetic of modern boats.  


Diameter: ⅜” 

Length: 6-ft

6-inch eye at the non-working end


Two (2) double braided 6-foot, 3/8” lines. Spliced 6-inch eye at the non-working end. 

Fender lines that last.

A double-braided polyester exterior gives you added abrasion resistance and keeps your lines soft and pliable, season after season.  

Top-tier construction.

From the whipped ends to prevent fraying, to the premium Black NyCore™ that runs throughout – we've put the focus on quality.

Spliced 6-inch eye.

Each fender line has a 6-inch spliced eye at the non-working end for quick and easy attachment to cleats.

Five flavors.

Your boat looks good... now your ropes do too. Have a little fun and dress-up the rig with our fresh color options.

Reduce stress on cleats.

Black NyCore™ controls elongation and eases tension on attachment points. A little flex goes a long way.