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LINES :: Fender

MISSION fender lines are the perfect choice for when it’s time to deploy your boat’s defenses. They’re built to last and designed to perform in any environment so you can keep your boat “looking like a ‘beaut, eh?”
  • SPLICED 6-INCH EYE at the non-working end for quick, easy attachment to cleats.
  • POLYESTER CORE controls elongation to reduce stress while under tension.
  • NYLON EXTERIOR is abrasion-resistant to keep the line pliable.
  • WHIPPED ENDS prevent fraying and extend the usable life of each line.
  • Black rope with fluorescent yellow and silver reflective tracers.
How to Tie a Clove Hitch 

Watch the 2-minute step-by-step video guide by MISSION Boat Gear on how to tie a cleat hitch knot, clove hitch knot, or two-half hitch knot for boating.