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Free Shipping on orders over $48 to the Continental US

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B-Stock | CHARLIE 2.0 Skim-Style Wakesurfer | MISSION Wakesurf Boards


Endless, effortless excitement. 

Just the ticket for a full boat, CHARLIE will keep the whole crew smiling. Ultra-thin design and a tall 2” fin makes this the perfect trainer board to keep on the boat – giving new riders an easy start under any condition.

Spin, slide, and hop with this classic skim shape built on 7 layer bamboo and fiberglass for ultimate durability. Massive surf wave or just goofing around behind any boat, this fun skimmer is an entertainer for everyone.

Features & Specs

  • Designed as a trainer board to help beginners get up fast and have fun on the water.
  • Perfect for new and casual surfers because it is easier to control and provides a large surface area for more stability.
  • 2” fin for extra stability
  • Textured footpad for added grip


  • Seven-layer bamboo construction with biaxial fiberglass skins on top and bottom.

Board Sizing Chart

Your guide to the CHARLIE wakesurf board sizing by rider size, desired wave size, and skill level. VIEW CHART >

What does a "B-stock board" mean?

Our B-stock boards have factory blemishes that keep them from meeting our high-standards. While a B-stock blemish is a bummer, it doesn’t affect the boards performance in the water, or how it surfs. For that reason, many customers view the extra savings as a welcomed win.

Here are some examples of b-stock blemishes:    

  1. Scuffs
  2. Lamination or visual distortions
  3. Surface blemishes
  4. Over sanding
  5. Loose traction pad
  6. Inconsistent cuts
  7. Graphic imperfections
  8. Sanding inconsistencies
  9. Inconsistent glue/cuts
  10. Paint blemish
  11. Mis-cut
  12. Traction pad scuffs