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REEF Inflatable Water Mats:
The best floating mat for boats, the lake, and beyond.

The MISSION inflatable mat comes in multiple shapes and sizes to fit any lake, river, ocean, or imagination. Whether you’re looking to lay back and soak up the sun or play the day away, MISSION REEF Mats are a must-have for summer fun.

Find the perfect floating mat for your family. REEF comes in many shapes & sizes.

Three sizes of the classic MISSION REEF mat.
MISSION REEF hex mat with back support, 82 square feet.
MISSION HEX REEF mat, 101 square feet with mesh middle.
MISSION HEX REEF mat, 112  square feet.

MISSION water mats are inflatable and portable.

You can keep MISSION REEF Water Mats on the boat or on shore because they pack down small and stow away easily.

Never deal with floating foam pads again.

Let other boats deal with their floppy foam mats and lake rafts that are awkwardly heavy, difficult to store, and never seem to lay flat. Enhance your summer fun with REEF Inflatable Water Mats — they’re easy to transport, store, and lay flat on any body of water.

Fun. On-Demand.

When inflated, MISSION Floating Mats transform into the perfect platform to enjoy your time outside on the water with family and friends.

Gear that holds up.

We’ve constructed the best possible inflatable floating mats for boats. Period. REEF Mats use durable and flexible vinyl, fused with tough 1000D nylon (think naval applications) bound together through a rigid drop-stitch core. Each seam is then double-reinforced with our orange glow.

Classic MISSON REEF mats showing four size options.
Hexagon shaped MISSION REEF mats, showing three different varities.

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How are REEF Mats different from foam water pads or lily pads? 

This is our favorite question because it’s why we invented the product in the first place. We were so sick of hauling those things around the lake on the boat. They’re awkward to roll, super heavy, and always weird & floppy in the water – they never lay flat!

It’s hard to explain just how different the REEF mat experience is. We tried to make everything about our inflatable mats better. From the materials we use that create a more enjoyable surface to hang out on (you can literally stand on the corner and not sink), to the functional details of the product and accessories (double reinforced seams, the drop stitch core, a high-flow/dual action pump, or the compact bag for easy storage.

We encourage you to read our reviews because that’s what really matters. People love their REEF mats. We know you will too!

How long do MISSION REEF Mats last? 

You can be confident that your MISSION Water Mat will last for years of fun and enjoyment. They are the best built and most durable inflatables on the market. People are still using the mats purchased from us back when we first pioneered the idea for inflatable water mats in 2015. The key is proper care and use—taking precautions when inflating and deflating, using them on the water, and proper storage will increase the longevity of the mat. If something were to happen, REEF mats are repairable—so, get ready for years of fun!

Can my dog go on the REEF Mat? 

Yes! REEF Mats are Fido-approved. Just be sure your four-legged friend’s nails are trimmed and your pup is sure to have an absolute blast.

Do REEF Mats come with a warranty? 

You betcha! REEF Inflatable Water Mats come with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

What is the weight capacity for REEF Inflatable Water Mats? 

REEF Mats are designed to support thousands of pounds without sinking. Your whole family, extended family, friends, neighbors, friends of friends, event pets will be able to float all day!

So, the short answer is: there really isn't a safety limit to the weight of each mat, but at the following weights and capacities, the mat may start to submerge a bit.

  • REEF 48: 800lbs (3-4 people)
  • REEF 85: 1200lbs (4-6 people)
  • REEF-123: 1600lbs (6-8 people)
  • REEF-129: 2400lbs (10-12 people)
  • REEF HEX 82: 2000lbs (8-10 people)
  • REEF HEX 101: 1600lbs (6-8 people)
  • REEF HEX 112: 2000lbs (8-10 people)