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REEF Inflatable Water Mats

We take the time to create flexible, simple, reliable products for all to enjoy—so you can focus on the good stuff. Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. It’s about the smiles, the moments, and good clean fun.


  • Never drag your mat!Inflated or deflated.
  • Use your pump in "double action" mode. It'll be a lot faster!
  • Inflate to between 3 and 4 PSI. You can play around with how firm to make your mat, but 3.5 PSI seems to be a nice sweet spot.
  • Use in deep water away fromhard objects.
  • D-ring goes down. This is for safety! We don't want anyone to catch a toe.  
  • Flat fold mat. Never roll.
  • Always store your deflated mat in your bag. This keeps it protected!


For faster inflation,start with the pump in “Double Action” mode. If it becomes difficult to pump, switch the lever over to “Single Action.”

Lay flat with valve up. Remove cap. 

*Avoid rough surfaces like driveways

Click the valve stem up to ensure that it is closed.

*If it is not closed, air will escape when the hose is removed.

Attach the hose to the INF port on the pump. 

Insert hose into the valve and turn clockwise to lock.

Inflate to desired pressure. 

2-3 PSI- a softer feel for 1-3 users
4 PSI -  a preferred pressure 
5-8 PSI - a firmer feel or more users



For faster deflation,start with the pump in “Double Action” mode. If it becomes difficult to pump, switch the lever over to “Single Action.”

Remove cap. Click the valve stem down to open valve.

To fully deflate, attach hose to pump using DEFport. Use “double action” setting for fast deflation.

Attach the hose to the INF port on the pump. 

Insert hose into the valve and turn clockwise to lock.


Float at least 10 feet away from any hard surfaces.

Use the D-ring to secure the mat in water at minimum depth of 5 feet.

Check safety warnings for additional precautions.

Electric Pump Options

We have several Electric Pump options that work great for REEF mats. You can learn more about each pump option here.

Folding Your Mat // Tip & Tricks

Watch the videos below for some helpful tips & tricks on folding your REEF inflatable water mat. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're here to help!  

Folding Your REEF Mat From the Boat

Folding Your REEF HEX Mat From the Boat

Folding REEF 48

Folding REEF 85

Folding REEF 123

Folding REEF 129

Folding REEF HEX 82

Folding REEF HEX 101

Folding REEF HEX 112

How to Fold Your REEF Mat:


How is a REEF mat different from a foam water pad or lily pad? 

This is our favorite question because it’s why we invented the product in the first place. We were so sick of hauling those things around the lake on the boat. They’re awkward to roll, super-duper heavy, and always floppy in the water – they never lay flat!

It’s hard to explain just how different the REEF mat experience is. We tried to make everything about our inflatable mats better. From the materials we use that create a more enjoyable surface to hang out on – you can literally stand on the corner and not sink. To the functional details of the product and accessories (double reinforced seams, the drop stitch core, a high-flow pump, or the compact storage bag.

We encourage you to read our reviews because that’s all that really matters. And people love their REEF mats. We know you will too!

How long do REEF mats last?

REEF mats are designed for years of fun and enjoyment. They are the best built and most durable mats on the market. People are still using the mats purchased from us back when we first pioneered the idea for inflatable water mats in 2015. The key is proper care and use – taking precautions when inflating and deflating, using them on the water, and proper storage will increase the longevity of the mat. If something were to happen – REEF mats are repairable – so, get ready for years of fun!

How should I clean the REEF mat? 

Periodically clean your REEF Mat with mild soap and water. For best results you can use MISSION’s Vinyl Cleaner – it’s a fantastic product for cleaning your REEF mat or vinyl boat seats. We designed it specifically with REEF in mind!

Can REEF be permanently anchored in the water?

While some choose to anchor REEF for longer durations, it’s designed for day-use only. We recommend bringing in the mat and storing it overnight. Large storms and fishing hooks could potentially damage your mat.

Can my dog go on the REEF mat?

Yes! REEF mats are Fido-approved! Just be sure your four-legged friend’s nails are trimmed and they’ll have an absolute blast.

How long does it take to inflate or deflate the REEF mat using the included manual pump?

Our manual hand pump is designed specifically for REEF mats and to move a high volume of air fast. The included manual pump does a great job quickly filling your mat to pressure.


Average Fill Times (assuming consistent/steady pace)

  • REEF 48 – 1.5 minutes
  • REEF 85 – 2.5 minutes
  • REEF 123 – 4 minutes
  • REEF 129 – 6 minutes (includes 120v electric pump)
  • REEF HEX 82 – 4 minutes
  • REEF HEX 101 – 3.5 minutes
  • REEF HEX 112 – 4 minutes

The pump has a built-in pressure gauge that will tell you when your REEF’s PSI reaches the perfect level. Recommended PSI is 2 to 5 PSI depending on desired firmness.

What are my electric pump options?

This answer starts with another question – what does your power source look like?

1. If you have shore power (standard 120v outlet), our 120v AC medium-pressure pump is awesome – and fast! This pump will fully inflate your mat to the optimal pressure (3 to 4 PSI) in no time. It’s a great option if you have a 120v outlet and want to get out on the water as fast as possible.

Wondering about using a converter on your boat? Note: The 12v system in boats does not provide a sufficient amount of power for most high-pressure pumps. So, purchasing a 12v to 120v converter is not an option. The only solution for a robust on-board 120V AC system would be to install an inverter of sufficient wattage to provide the level of power needed by high-pressure pumps.


2. If you’re out on the boat and don’t have a 120v outlet, use our 12v DC low-pressure pump. This pump conveniently plugs into the 12v accessory power adapter (cigarette lighter) and works quickly to get most of the air in (or) out of your REEF mat. This pump will do most of the work – but it will only take your mat up to about 1 PSI. So, now you’ll want to use the included hand pump to increase the firmness of the mat. (We recommend 2 ½ PSI for medium firmness. If you want a dock-like experience, you can increase the pressure up to around 5 PSI).

While it’s a two-step process, most customers like this option for the boat because our 12v pump is super-fast and does 90% of the work for you!


3. Mission’s High-Pressure 12v DC Electric Pump can fill REEF to any pressure that you desire, but the trade-off is speed. Fill times for REEF mats will be 10+ minutes. But if you only have a 12v DC power source, and do not want to do any manual pumping whatsoever – then this is your best option!

This pump was originally designed for inflating iSUPs to high-pressures and uses the same connection port as REEF mats.

Is the REEF mat towable?

Slow down there, captain! REEF mats are not designed to be towed. Towing REEF by the D-ring or carry handles can damage your mat beyond repair. However, we do sell REEF Tie-Down Strapsthat may be used to strap the inflated REEF to your boat out of the water.

Does REEF come with a warranty?

You betcha! REEF comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

How much does a REEF mat weigh?

REEF mats are super compact when stowed but dispending on their inflated size they can carry some weight. Here are the approximate weights of each mat when sitting inside the included storage bag (aka, what to expect when carrying the mat). They do not include the weight of pumps, shipping boxes or repair kits.


REEF 48                       ~32 lbs

REEF 85                       ~55 lbs

REEF 123                     ~79 lbs (*team lift)

REEF 129                   ~82 lbs (*team lift)

REEF HEX 82:             ~68 lbs (*team lift)

REEF HEX 101:           ~55 lbs

REEF HEX 112:           ~74 lbs (*team lift)

What is the weight capacity?

REEF Mats are designed to support thousands of pounds without sinking. Your whole family, extended family, friends, neighbors, friends of friends, event pets will be able to float all day!

The short answer is. There really isn't a safety limit to the weight of each mat, but at the following weights and capacities, the mat will start to submerge a bit:


REEF 48:               ~800lbs (3-4 people)

REEF 85:               ~1200lbs (4-6 people)

REEF-123:             ~1600lbs (6-8 people)

REEF-129             ~2400lbs (10-12 people)

REEF HEX 82:       ~2000lbs (8-10 people)

REEF HEX 101:     ~1600lbs (6-8 people)

REEF HEX 112:     ~2000lbs (8-10 people)

I noticed little white marks on the fold lines when unrolling my mat for the first time – what's that?

This is normal. They’ll disappear after exposure to heat – like the sun!

Why is my valve leaking air?

Your valve is likely a little loose. Use the included valve wrench to tighten slightly.

What if I need to repair or patch my mat?

Visit the help center for step-by-step instructions on how to properly repair your REEF Mat. Don't worry – you got this!

What if I have more questions?

Not getting the answers you needed? Visit our help center for more information on all our products, or reach out to us the old fashioned way.