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MISSION Inflatable Paddle Boards

We believe being outdoors should be easy. Not a wrestling match with cumbersome, poorly-designed gear. We've taken the time to create flexible, simple, reliable iSUPs for all to enjoy—so you can focus on the good stuff. So jump in. Venture out. With gear that takes you there.


For faster inflation,start with the pump in “Double Action” mode. If it becomes difficult to pump, switch the lever over to “Single Action.”

Lay flat with valve up. Remove cap. 

*Avoid rough surfaces like driveways

Click the valve stem up to ensure that it is closed.

*If it is not closed, air will escape when the hose is removed.

Attach the hose to the INF port on the pump. 

Insert hose into the valve and turn clockwise to lock.

Inflate to desired pressure. 

Users under 200lbs - 12 PSI minimum
Users over 200lbs -  14 PSI minimum

* More pressure leads to stiffer boards.


Install Your Fin

Thread nut on the end of the screw, then place it into the channel nut down, sliding it up to the front. 

Remove the screw, leaving the nut in the channel. 

Place fin in channel, sliding peg toward the back, lining up the front hole with the nut in the channel. 

Tighten screw in front hole into square nut. 

To adjust position of the fin, loosen the screw slightly to slide fin forward and backwards in channel.

* Slide fin forward for quicker turning. Slide back for better straight-line tracking.


For faster deflation,start with the pump in “Double Action” mode. If it becomes difficult to pump, switch the lever over to “Single Action.”

Remove the fin by loosening the screw then sliding the fin out of the channel. Be sure to also remove the square nut.

* Store the square nut and screw on the fin so you don’t lose them.

Remove cap. Click the valve stem down to open valve.

* Avoid rough surfaces like driveways.

To fully deflate, attach hose to pump using the DEF port. Use “double action” setting for faster deflation.

Click the valve stem up to close valve. This keeps iSUP deflated for best fold.


*Be sure to remove your fin.

  • Working from tail to nose, loosely fold in 12” sections.
  • ALWAYS store deflated iSUP in bag.

Paddle Adjustment

We recommend setting the paddle height 5 inches taller than the user, then adjusting from there to fit different styles and comfort levels. 

Hold the paddle with the blade angled forward. * The paddle is NOT an ice cream scoop.

Want to paddle in a straight line? Be sure to hold paddle straight up and down.

For more paddle power, try putting some more space between your hand grips.

Electric Pump

If you want an electric pump – the answer is simple – you'll want the get MISSION's High Pressure 12v Electric Pump. It was designed specifically for inflating iSUPs to high-pressures.


What type of hardware is used?

The hardware to secure the fin in place is a special ¾” long thumb screw that is regularly used for single fin surfboards or hard SUPs. The square plate (or the nut) that the screw goes into measures ½” x ½”. When you buy a MISSION iSUP we always include an extra set of hardware – just in case you lose one. If you find yourself needing more (say you lost both of them!?!) you can purchase a replacement set of hardware here.


Can I use my iSUP in saltwater?

Yes, made with 1000D nylon (the same material used in our popular REEF inflatable water mats). MISSION iSUPs can be used on the lake, river, or ocean. However, it is important to understand that there is a big difference when it comes to ocean paddleboarding and flatwater paddleboarding.

The ocean can be extremely unpredictable, rough, and mysterious, while a lake is always predictable and usually keeps calm throughout the day. Educate yourself on the proper ways to enter ocean waters, paddling techniques, and ocean paddleboarding safety.

Also, like any towable or floatable water gear you use in saltwater or the ocean, make sure to rinse with fresh water thoroughly and dry after each use.


What type of valve is used on MISSION iSUPs?

MISSION iSUPs and REEF inflatable water mats are all designed with a high-end Halkey-Roberts valve. Often referred to as an “HR valve,” these one-way check valves are common among high-pressured inflatables. These valves make the inflation of high-pressure inflatables easy because it does not let the air out while pumping. When deflating, the valve can be opened to release air.

Halkey-Roberts valves have a pushpin (spring) inside the middle part of the valve. This pushpin has two positions:

  • Up Position – Inflation:You inflate MISSION iSUPs when the pushpin is in the up position. In the up position, air will not escape the valve, but the valve will let you pump air into it. Simply hook a pump into the valve and inflate your iSUP. Once you are finished inflating, simply disconnect the pump, and the air will not escape with the pushpin in the up position.
  • Down Position – Deflation:You deflate MISSION iSUPs when the pushpin is in the down position. In the down position, the valve will open entirely and let the air escape rapidly. This position should only be used for deflating your iSUPs, even though you can still pump air into it in this position. TIP: Even though air escapes quickly in the down position, having a pump with a deflation feature will suck out all of the air in no time. Check out all of our pump options here.