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Clyde Accident Protection Plan

Add an accident protection plan from Clyde within 30 days of your product purchase and get peace of mind knowing you are 100% covered for things like extended warranty and accidental damage.

Coverage by Clyde is underwritten by A-rated insurance carriers and comes with easy to understand terms, a simple claims process, and competitive pricing. By adding coverage to your purchase, you can use our products knowing Clyde has your back!

Clyde is an insurance technology company that has built a marketplace of top-rated insurers and administrators. Clyde enables MISSION Boat Gear to offer our customers great accident protection coverage. MISSION Boat Gear works closely with Clyde to manage our accident protection plan program.

Clyde accident protection plans cover accidental damage from the time you purchase the plan, as well as extending our one-year limited warranty, giving you an additional one or two years of protection, depending on the plan you select.

Your Clyde Accident protection plan does not cover:

1. Products that are delivered damaged.
2. Cosmetic damage, like scratches, that doesn’t impact the product’s functionality.
3. A third party improperly installs a product causing damage to it.
4. Loss or theft.

How do I view the terms and conditions of the Clyde accident protection plan before I buy it? You can view the detailed terms and conditions contract here: Clyde Terms of Service

Clyde accident coverage is active starting on the day your product is delivered through the end of your contract.

If you choose the two- or three-year plan, an extended warranty begins the day MISSION Boat Gear's limited warranty expires and ends 1 year from the date of delivery, depending on the plan you choose. Note that the one-year accident protection plan does not extend the warranty past the manufacturer warranty period.

The Clyde accident protection plan is available to you if all of the following are true:

 - You purchased directly from 

 - Your order was placed on or after August 23, 2020

 - You purchased an eligible product

There are three ways to add a Clyde accident protection plan to your product:

1. Purchase with your product on

• Customers can choose the Clyde accident protection plan option at checkout when purchasing their product.

2. Through the link in the post-purchase emails. 

 - The first email is sent within four days of purchasing the product. 

 - The second email is sent within three days of the 30-day signup expiration option. 

• After purchase, customers will receive two separate emails offering the option to add protection. Customers can click the link in the emails, which will direct them to the Clyde website. When using the email to purchase a Clyde accident protection plan, there is no need to create a Clyde account before purchasing the plan.

3. Directly from Clyde’s customer portal,

• Customers have 30 days from the date of the delivery date (if provided to Clyde) to purchase an accident protection plan. It will be necessary to create a Clyde account before completing the plan purchase through this method. Customers must use the same email address used when purchasing a MISSION Boat Gear product when creating an account to link to their sales order.

1. Customers cannot purchase an accident protection plan after an accident occurs.

2. Customers cannot purchase an accident protection plan after 30 days from the product’s delivery date if provided to Clyde.

To file a claim on, customers have two options. They can log into their account, select the appropriate product, and click “File a Claim,” or they can file a claim as a guest by entering the Contract ID found in their confirmation email into the homepage on Customers typically receive an update on their claim within 48-72 hours and can check in on the status of their claim in their Clyde account at any time.

Yes, you can file multiple claims using your Clyde accident protection plan during the course of the contract’s term. You are covered for multiple repairs up to the value of the original product purchase price.

If your claim is approved for a replacement product, then your contract is void. You will have the option to purchase a new accident protection plan for your replacement on

There are no deductibles.

Yes, if you purchased a MISSION Boat Gear product from, there is a 30 day window from the day of delivery to purchase a Clyde accident protection plan. See above for information on signing up for a contract on

Yes, this plan may be transferred to any person in the United States. To initiate the transfer of a plan, contact Clyde at

No, this plan does not cover for loss or theft.

Yes, plans may be canceled. Reimbursement will be prorated based on time remaining on the contract and reduced by value of any claims previously covered.

A full refund is available if the cancellation is made within 30 days of purchase.