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MISSION Board Socks | Wakesurfing | Surf Socks

Our low profile board socks help protect your wakesurfing, wakeboarding or kiteboarding boards from dings, scratches, and UV exposure.

Your wake board’s not a pair of distressed jeans. Scratches, patches, and fading aren’t exactly “in.” In fact, they’re a major bummer. Keep your ride protected and covered from the sun until you’re ready to carve it up. Each of our patterns comes in multiple sizes and nose shapes, so you can always find the perfect fit.

What's the difference between Classic & Deluxe Board Socks?

ClassicMade from lofted 300g polyester fiber that won’t scratch your board. The nylon canvas nose cone with foam padding gives added protection when loading or transporting. The drawstring closure slips on and off with ease. Three classic patterns. 

DeluxeOooh, upgrades. Integrated carrying handle for easier transport, a 3/32” fin wrench right there on the drawstring closure so it’s always close by, and woven from 100% acrylic fibers.