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The master schedule.

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wakesurfing wave trumps DIY wake gate and tab solutions
So what you really want to know is, when can I get my hands on the DELTA Universal Wakesurf shaper? Pre-ordering will go live by the first week in May and orders will begin shipping in mid-June. Full production is well underway and we're now working hard to wrap up the loose ends. We'll be taking photos, shooting a few videos, updating the website, designing and producing packaging, and putting together instructions. It's going to be a busy spring and we're so excited to finally get it into your hands. Thank you all again for the support. Happy surfing!
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  • Hi,
    I’ve been planning on buying a surf side panel for my 05 wake setter LSV. Would I be better off waiting for the new Delta panel? Or will the panels already designed for the LSV still work the best for my boat? Is the Main advantage of the Delta that it works on all boats? Or is it just superior altogether?
    Thank you

    Jesse on

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