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How is the MISSION crew coping with COVID-19?

April 03, 2020 3 min read MISSION NEWS
How is the MISSION crew coping with COVID-19?

While we are a company that prides itself on bringing more fun to your summer, we also know that the world is going through some crazy times right now. So, we want to share some positivity and let you know what the MISSION team has been up to while we are working from home.

We might not be in the office every day, but we are staying in touch with each other via instant messenger, texting, iCloud photo sharing, and weekly calls.

A hot topic this week was for sure, Tiger King! We were all talking about it! Who else is obsessed with watching? You just can’t look away! Thank you, Netflix, for releasing this when we needed it!

So now, let’s hear it from the gang on what some positive takeaways have been these last few weeks:

We tried to keep it a light read, but we have a lot to say! You have some free time, right?

Garrett said that this had given him the chance to stop and “smell the roses.” I think for all of us, it’s given us a lot more time to spend with our families. Star and Kris are noticing that their kids are getting sick of screen time and are enjoying the outdoors. With scavenger hunts in the backyard to rolling around on the Onewheel, biking, and taking walks with our pets, we’re glad it’s been nice out for us to get some fresh air.

Garrett, an avid climber, has even found himself climbing to the roof of his townhouse. Mark’s family has been enjoying some quality time, and the house hasn’t been cleaner! Claire has been home from college, and Luke is home from high school, Mark said it’s been nice to have a full house again!

Kris and his family have been rebuilding old dirt bikes, capturing photography, perusing vintage Jeep classifieds, and keeping an eye on the ice-out with the drone.

Kolby’s toddler is also enjoying the outdoors a little too much. Wilder and his buddy (they are 3 and 4), are escaping the fenced-in yards to play with each other. And being nine months pregnant, she’s been struggling to catch them! See the picture of the two troublemakers breaking the law! Let’s just say, they’ve had to add padlocks and locks, but we don’t think that will help!

Corey’s 13-month-old has been in Infant Self Rescue training since March 1st. His first lesson, he sank like a rock, but on March 30th, he surfaced, flipped onto his back, and cried for 30 seconds until the instructor swam over to grab him. Although it was a simulated environment, Beck saved his own life! Corey said that it’s been challenging to watch, but that success was worth every discomfort. And they’ll all be ready to go come time for boating season!

Other things we’ve been doing have been puzzles, board games, and Legos! A few of us have even dabbled with hair dye! Caleb’s mustache, Kolby’s pink hair, and Kris’ kids are going blonde and purple!

On a funny note, Corey said, “My family and I have been stuck in California for 24 days, sheltering-in-place. A weeklong vacation has turned into a 24-day shelter-in-place exercise due to COVID-19. At the urging of the CDC and our pediatrician, we decided to shelter-in-place to avoid traveling with a one-year-old and exposing him to COVID-19. The toilets in our house in MN have not been flushed in almost a month - we have no idea what we will come home to when we are finally allowed to leave California on April 2nd. Gremlins?”

Something that we can all agree on is that working from home has been different. It’s had its challenges, but there are so many positive takeaways. And know that we’re are still here, working for you. To bring you incredible products for when we can all get back out on the water and enjoy ourselves!

And on a closing note, Mark says it best: “I think more and more we are programmed that we need to be constantly doing something Instagram worthy to be happy. It turns out some of the little things like doing a puzzle, having a relaxing home-cooked meal, or taking a walk with someone special can connect us more intimately than the hectic pace of the next big adventure. We’ll see how we feel after a couple of weeks of this.”

How are you and your family spending your time lately? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear from you. 

Stay Safe, and Cheers!

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