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November 22, 2019 2 min read

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When “lake is life,” you need the kind of gear that combines style, performance, and versatility so you don’t have to worry about some janky product ruining your day on the water. Whether you’re heading out for a day trip with friends or chasing memories at the family cabin, we’ll outfit you with the gear you need, the style you want, the comfort you deserve once you get where you’re going.


When it comes to floating water mats, the majority of them are made with flimsy, floppy foam that doesn’t hold its shape and takes on water the second you climb aboard. REEF is the most stable and durable floating mat on the market, so you can stand, jump, climb, and play around on it all day long without worrying that it’s going to sink or deflate. Whatever aquatic shenanigans you’ve got in mind, we’ve got a mat for that.



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Who says working hard and playing hard can’t be the same thing? Whether you’re looking for a killer upper body workout or a more active way to enjoy a day on the water, TRIDENT makes it easier than ever to get out and explore your favorite lakes and rivers.

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From day trips to road trips, having a cooler that you can rely on to keep your food and drinks at the right temperature should be item numero uno on your packing list. We’re here to give broken handles, flimsy lids, janky zippers, and shoddy insulation the cold shoulder. With three options to choose from, we’ve got the perfect cooler for your next adventure.

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Cotton towels are designed for your bathroom or kitchen where you can sacrifice convenience for a little extra comfort. But on your boat, cotton towels are bulky, take forever to dry off, and can harbor odor-causing bacteria. That’s why we chose to make our TUKO towels out of premium microfiber that absorbs seven times its weight, dries quickly, and fights off odor and bacteria.

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People are going to stare. You’re welcome. Rock the lake life style on the water, in the streets, and everywhere between with our ultra-fine, ringspun jersey tees. Most are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester so they’re the perfect blend of comfort, stretch, and style.

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Don’t be that guy/gal who needs to make an unscheduled stop back to shore because you forget a crucial component to every day on the boat. Snag a couple pairs of MISSION sunglasses or get your hands on some MISSION drink koozies to keep your crew refreshed and crushing waves all day long!

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See you on the water!

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