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November 22, 2019 2 min read

Holiday Gift Guide For Boaters

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When we think of boating, we tend to think of the fun-filled excitement and good times spent with family and friends. But in reality, there’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes into a day on the water. That’s why every product we make is designed to simplify your life and help you spend more time enjoying your day, not fighting with your gear.


Let’s be honest. Traditional sausage fenders haven’t adapted to meet the needs of today’s boaters. Sport boats no longer have flat sides, handrails, and high-waisted rub rails. This makes it a pain to position traditional fenders between a boat and a dock where you need the most protection. That’s why we set out to create a better, more functional, more practical fender that fits modern boats and styles.


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One solution for any situation. Modern boaters deserve a modern option for protecting their boats and old-school sausage fenders just don’t cut it anymore. They’re awkward, they shift, they mark, and they wreck the stylish aesthetic of today’s boats. ICON’s pyramid profile shape keeps it in place in any docking environment and works in tandem with SENTRY fenders to offer complete protection.

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TITAN is the last line of defense during busy, chaotic tie-ups that put even the best boat fenders to the test. Wind, waves, and people create a perfect storm that leaves frustrating dents, dings, and scratches in its wake. That’s why we designed the TITAN fender to act as a barrier between your boat and the dangers floating around it.



Throw your weight around with a jack-of-all-trades ballast bag that will help you get your boat on-plane and smooth out the ride, especially at lower speeds. ATLAS gives you the flexibility to add up to 50 pounds of weight right where you need it thanks to the D.I.Y. fill system – just grab some steel shot, sand, gravel, or whatever you’ve got lying around to dial-in your weight.


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Cotton towels are designed for your bathroom or kitchen where you can sacrifice convenience for a little extra comfort. But on your boat, cotton towels are bulky, take forever to dry off, and can harbor odor-causing bacteria. That’s why we chose to make our TUKO towels out of premium microfiber that absorbs seven times its weight, dries quickly, and fights off odor and bacteria.

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People are going to stare. You’re welcome. Rock the lake life style on the water, in the streets, and everywhere between with our ultra-fine, ringspun jersey tees. Most are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, so they’re the perfect blend of comfort, stretch, and style.

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See you on the water!

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